Power and Energy

Streamline EHS Management for Power Plants

Our EHS management software empowers power plant operators to streamline their management processes, enhance operational efficiency, and promote a culture of safety and sustainability.

Unlock the Full Potential of our EHS Management Software

At NeoEHS, we deliver comprehensive EHS solutions tailored to the power and energy sectors. Our solutions are crafted to address the unique challenges faced by power plants, utility companies, renewable energy facilities, and oil & gas operations.

Ensure Compliant Standards

Stay up-to-date on all environmental and safety regulations relevant to power and energy operations. Streamline compliance documentation and reporting to regulatory agencies to ensure timely submissions. Mitigate compliance risks by receiving automated alerts and notifications about regulatory updates.

Ensure Compliant Standards
Monitor, Manage and Mitigate Potential Risks

Monitor, Manage and Mitigate Potential Risks

Implement adequate risk management controls to mitigate potential hazards. With advanced risk management features, you can effectively identify, assess, and reduce risks. Our software enables proactive risk management and enhances workplace safety through hazard identification, analysis, and incident tracking.

Effective Incident Reporting and Investigation

Using our HSE software, streamline the incident reporting process and conduct thorough investigations instantly. Capture incident-related details, analyze root causes, and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence, creating a safety culture within your organization.

Effective Incident Reporting and Investigation

Solutions for the Power and Energy Industries

Proactive Safety Activity

Build a safety culture through regular drills and hazard assessments, prevent incidents, and prioritize a safer work culture in power plants.

Incident Management

With our EHS software for power plants, you can provide Instant response to incidents with comprehensive investigations and corrective actions.

Statutory Form

Maintain up-to-date statutory forms for regulatory compliance, creating accurate records and promoting a safer environment.

Audit Management

Streamline audit processes for evaluating safety protocols, identifying improvement areas, and ensuring compliance in power plant operations.

BBS Observations

Encourage proactive safety culture through systematic identification and correction of at-risk behaviours in employees.

Action Tracking

Ensure implementation of corrective measures after safety incidents, maintaining continuous improvement in power plant safety protocols.

Change Management

Manage modifications safely with a robust system, minimizing risks associated with changes in processes, technology, or personnel in power plants.

Automated Production Reports

Enhance data accuracy and timeliness with automated production reports, providing real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Training Management

Implement a comprehensive training program for power plant personnel to ensure they are well-equipped for safe operations and accident prevention.

Risk Assessment

Conduct regular risk assessments to identify, evaluate, and prioritize hazards, enabling targeted risk mitigation strategies for a safer environment.

Zone Register and Action Follow-Up

Maintain a zone register and proactively follow up on actions for localized safety concerns in power plants, ensuring effective safety management.