Your Comprehensive EHS Software for Schools

Our NeoEHS software for schools is designed to streamline safety management processes. It provides a cutting-edge solution that helps schools create a safer and more compliant environment.

Simplifying School Safety Management with NeoEHS Software

We understand the difficulties of managing EHS in educational institutions. Hence, we offer EHS solutions tailored to your needs. Our EHS management software for schools maintains a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and visitors. Our comprehensive platform ensures compliance with regulatory standards, enhances efficient incident reporting, and builds proactive safety measures.

Build a Risk-Free Environment for Students

At NeoEHS, the safety and well-being of our students are our top priority. We are committed to creating a risk-free environment where students can learn and grow without concerns for their safety. Hence, we have designed EHS management software to identify, monitor, and manage potential hazards, ensuring a secure environment.

Build a Risk-Free Environment for Students
Conduct Safety Inspections with Ease

Conduct Safety Inspections with Ease

With our inspection management software, we specialize in ensuring safe and secure school learning environments. Due to our extensive experience in the education sector, we understand the unique safety challenges schools face and offer tailored solutions to address them effectively. From building safety and facility maintenance to emergency preparedness and transportation safety, we streamline the inspection process utilizing advanced technology and customizable checklists, providing clear and transparent reports with actionable recommendations.

Solutions for the Schools

Incident Management

Instantly report and track injuries, illnesses, and near-misses with our HSE software for schools.

  • Enhanced Incident Management Solution Tailored for Easy Reporting

  • Seamless Integration of Documents, Photos, and Videos for Comprehensive Incident Details

  • Instant Email Alerts for Prompt Notification to Appropriate Teams

  • Thorough Documentation of Incident Investigations for Clear Understanding

  • Transparent Review Committee Documentation to Support Decision-Making

  • Structured Development and Documentation of Action Plans for Effective Responses

  • Streamlined Tracking System to Monitor Response Progress and Ensure Timely Execution

  • Finalization of Investigations with Detailed and Insightful Reports for Closure

Safety Inspections

With our EHS management software, institutions can easily create checklists, assign inspections and track completion status.

  • Precise Categorization of Inspection Types

  • Assignment of Inspectors to Specific Categories for Efficient Oversight

  • Development of Customized Checklists and Forms for Each Inspection Category

  • Thorough Documentation of Inspection Results and Observations

  • Seamless Attachment of Visuals, Diagrams, and Supporting Documents

  • Generation of Detailed Inspection Reports Covering all Aspects

  • Structured Review Mechanism to Ensure Inspection Quality

  • Tracking and Reporting of Corrective Actions for Identified Issues

  • Configuration and Escalation of Email and SMS Alerts for Timely Task Fulfillment

  • Approval Process for Corrective Actions (CAPA)

  • Completion and Closure of Inspections with Comprehensive Records

Permit Management

Track applications, approvals, and renewals to ensure all necessary permits are up-to-date and compliant with regulations.

  • Establishment of Permissible Work Standards

  • Initiation and Scheduling of Work Permits

  • Initiation and Scheduling of Work Permits

  • Efficient Permit Allocation, Issuance, Printing, and Display

  • Real-Time Updates on Work Completion Status

  • Support for Over 16 Types of Permits

  • Integration with AutoGate Systems

  • Electronic Permit Approvals

  • Expiration Alerts and Notifications

  • Fully Customizable to Meet Specific Needs